Baloch Rights Council an Community Base Non Profit an right Organization Formed to raise the Voice For Baloch Nation throughout the World, The main cause&missin are to raise the voice against human rights violation,Freedom of Express,Foucusing the socio-economic&Politicio-Culture Condition,Sturggle against the enforced Disappearances, Illegal detentions/abductions and provide awareness Human rights education,Legal Aid to Missing persons in Sindh & Balochistan which Occupied by the Pakistan Forcibly,
It Is State here that Baloch Nation is nowadays facing worst type of atrocities of Genocide being committed by the forces of Pakistan,who Invade & occupied the Balochistan in March,27th,1948,Since then the peoples of Balochistan have been embrolled in a bitter stuggle against the Pakistan state,Pakistan deployed the Army to fight against Baloch Nation in Balochistan and started the “Kill & Dump”policy which resulted more horriable stories about inhuman torture,Etra judicial&target killing,enforced disappearances .Illegal detention/abductions of Baloch Nationalist workers,human rights actuvist,Students,Doctore,Lawyers, Journalits,and common man’s.On January, 25th,2014 three mass Graves have been discovered from Totak village Distt Khuzdar Balochistan Where 169 mutilated dead bodies founded.
The pro-Independent Leaders,Worker’s.Students,teachers,Doctors,Lawyers,Intellectuals even Laborers/farmers are prime target of Pakistan forces & Intellegence agencies, Every day about dozen Baloch peoples abducted and after inhuman torture their mutilated bullet rided dead bodies are thrown in the streets & desolated places.
Baloch rights council Managing the Hunger strikes Camps,Demonstrations,arranging the Rallies,at Karachi press Club since 2004, Due to Such Activities the Office bearers & members of BRC continously facing the dire consequenes threats by the Secret Intellegence agencies and Religious Exteremist Organization & Gangwar groups.


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