Baloch Rights Council  (BRC) an Non Profit Human Rights Organization Established on March,14th,2004 on community basis for the raise of Human Rights Violations,Socoi-Economic, Politicio-Culture, Enforced Disappearances, Awarness to Public  about Human Rights Violations, Unequaties, Injustice,Negative impact of Terrorism and Providing the human rights education to the Youths.

Further monitoring human rights violations, seeking redress through public campaign,Filing the Missing/Abducted Persons cases in the lower Courts,High Courts & Supreme court with the Colleberation of Human Rights Commission Pakistan (HRCP).

Baloch Rights Council Started Works with Publihsed a booklet a brief History of Baloch Nation in Karachi & comparison The Baloch Habitant History before the Partition Of Balochistan,And mention the Organization Aim’s & Objects .BRC begning  Public Gathering meetings to Baloch Community habitation of Karachi City and Villages/Outskirts,and distibute the booklets more then 70 Area’s of Baloch Habitant in Karachi,

It is stated here that Baloch Nation is nowadays facing worst type of atrocities of Genocide being commited by the forces of Pakistan, Woh Invade & Occupied the Balochistan on March,27th,1948. Since then the Peoples of Balochistan have been embrolled in an bitter Struggle against the Pakistan state, according to State it is a form of Insurgency, they deployed the Army to fight against Baloch peoples in Balochistan.

The “Kill and Dump” policy resulted more Horribly stories about Inhuman tortures,Extra-judicial Killings,Enforced Disappearances ,Illegal detention & Abductions of Baloch Nationalist Leaders,Workers,journalists,Human rights Activists,Students.Teachers,Doctors,Lawyers and most of Common mens and an horrible news has been Published on January,25th,2014  among discovery of three Mass Graves in Tutak An Village of Disstt Khuzdar Balochistan, Where 169 Mutilated & Bullet rided Dead bodies founded.

The pro Independent Leaders,Workers,Students, Teachers, Journalists, Doctors,Lawyers,Laborers,Farmers,even common  peoples are Prime Target of Pakistan Forces & Secret Intellegence agencies, In Balochistan every day a dozen of Baloch peoples are abduct and killed in Extra judicial encounters and thier mutilated bullet rided dead bodies are thrown in the streets or desolated pleaces.More then 20,000 peoples are Missing and 10,000 peoples have been  killed.

Baloch Rights Council always support the Missing Persons Issues and organized the hundreds of Hunger Strikes Campes,Protests, Demonstrations,Rallies & Public gathering at Karachi Press Club for the Solidatory of Balochistan Nationalist  Movementand raesed the voices against the Illegal detentions/Abductions & Extra judicial killing and “Kill & Dump” Policy.  Due to said reason & activities, Pakistan Secret Intellegence Agencies Threating & Harrasing the BRC Members & Office Bearers Continously,and arrest the BRC President Abdul Wahab Baloch Many Times by the Police and at once on May,28th,2008 when he was the Central Secratary Information of Baloch National Movement(BNF) and organized the Demonstration and Protest against the Neuclear Atom Blast in Chaghe Balochistan,the Secret Agencies arrested him near to Press club Karachi and kept in an torture cell of military camp.after 5 days beaten & beabrutal inhuman Torture thrown him at FTC bridge at sharah-e-Faisal Karachi. Thereafter they killed the Baloch Rights Council General Secratary Martyr Nisar Hussian Baloch by the hand of Land Grabber & Gangwar group on The November,7th,2009  at Love Lane Bridge Garden West Karachi. He was the very active social worker & an Human rights Activist, move an Campaign to Save the Karachi famous Gutter Baghicha Land from the Land Grabbers. Due to his struggle against the Land Grabbers and activities for human rights they Silence his voice.